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John Detre

Member, ATIO
B.A., English Lit., Concordia University
M.A., Comparative Lit., McGill University

Areas of expertise: Social sciences and humanities

John has been working as a French-English translator since completing his studies in 1986. His background is in literature and the social sciences.

John began his career translating scholarly articles for professors at Québec’s French-language universities and working on freelance contracts in his areas of expertise with the federal government’s Translation Bureau, which remains his major client to this day. Over the years, he has acquired experience with a broad range of government documents in other areas, primarily legal and administrative.

John has also developed expertise translating financial documents (quarterly reports, annual reports) for companies including Quebecor and TVA Group, and a wide spectrum of corporate communications materials for clients such as Videotron, Costco, Bell Canada and others.

John has a grown daughter and currently lives in Deux-Montagnes, Québec with a raucous collection of human and non-human critters. He always brakes for animals.
John Detre

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