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About us

Analogos is a consortium of Canadian-based French-to-English translators. We provide our services directly to federal and provincial governments, major corporations, small businesses, non-government organizations, and academic institutions. Our direct-service professional model offers you three big advantages over large translation firms.

  • Core competence in French-to-English translation:

    Your French-to-English translations are always prepared by highly qualified, highly experienced professionals who are native English speakers and have devoted their careers to French-to-English translation. You know who you’re working with, and you know the job will be done right.

  • Direct professional relationships:

    You communicate with your translator directly and develop an ongoing professional relationship, just as you do with your lawyer or accountant. You make sure that your translator understands your requirements and has the relevant information, and your translator develops an in-depth understanding of your organization’s goals, operations, culture, and special vocabulary.

  • Lower cost: 

    The Analogos direct-service professional model eliminates the high overhead costs and mark-ups that you pay when dealing with large translation agencies. You get better translations for less money.

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